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  1. You

From the recording You or someone Like You


YOU (Ashley Kaiser/Dennis Winslow)

I went to bed, in a thunderhead
I woke up in a cloud
but lying next to you, babe
my heart’s never been so loud
lightning struck and angels sang
my worries winged away
now I want to fall asleep again
and wake up one more day
with you...
with you...

I spent the day, in a sea of gray
my heart was filled with sand
but coming home to you, babe
brought me back to solid land
tide came in and carried me
my demons swam away
now I want to go to work again
and come home one more day
to you...
to you...

I have found what i've been missing
All those years wasted twisting
in the wind

I’ll sing this song, even when you’re gone
my soul depends upon the blues
and memories of you, babe
are like riddles without clues
your love struck and carried me
through storms and raging seas
so I’ll dream of you forever
and get down on my knees
for you...
for you...