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  1. Free to Fly

From the recording You or someone Like You


FREE TO FLY (Ashley Kaiser, Brian Christopher, Dennis Winslow)

Babe, you caught me cryin’
After losing everything
After everywhere I’d been
You’d think I might have learned a thing or two
Played by the book, ‘stead of breaking all the rules
But now I’m crying
over you
over you

I want to be free to fly
open my cage door and watch me try
Don’t tell me to put my feet on the ground
I want to be free to fly
shoot for the moon and stars up in the sky
I’m never coming down

Baby you caught me lyin’
I know that I’m the one to blame
Now it’ll never be the same
Did you think that all the promises I made
Were guarantees I could have stayed
I was lyin’
again to you
to you

Why does it always have to end this way
What can’t these things just last
Take it day by day
I don’t know if I’ll ever be enough
Be the dream you dream
Be your one true love

Babe, you caught me tryin’
To be something that I’m not
Despite wanting it a lot
I was thinking maybe we should try again
But after everything and everywhere I’ve been………….