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  1. Someone Like You

From the recording You or someone Like You


SOMEONE LIKE YOU (Ashley Kaiser/Dennis Winslow)

Phoenix hasn’t called that much,
he makes me wants to cry...
St. Louis brought me roses,
that shriveled up and died...
Dallas, Texas ran away;
I tried to chase him down...
New Orleans was down-right mean;
I escaped without a sound

I was the girl next door,
until you moved away,
been trying to find someone
who makes me feel that way,
someone to hold at night
who won’t make me blue
someone to love me,
someone like you...

My LA man walked out the door
And New York always lied
When Seattle up and left me
I cried and cried and cried
Chicago always sang the blues
that one stole my heart
then San Francisco clipped my wings
and left me in the dark


Memphis said he’d marry me
then split with all my cash
Denver was the best I’d had
but he was haunted by the past
Nashville sang me songs of love
but never could come through
and when Portland broke my heart this year
he reminded me of you