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  1. Nothing to See

From the recording You or someone Like You


NOTHING TO SEE (Ashley Kaiser/Dennis Winslow)

This isn't how I thought that things would be
All I ever wanted was for you to love me
we tried so long, we fought so hard
but in the end we settled for a broken heart

turn your head
there's nothing to see
I used to be strong
what happened to me
if I come to my senses
and learn to wise up
maybe I'll know
when I've loved enough
but for now don't look at me
there's nothing to see

This isn't what I ever thought I would see
I looked at the future, it scared the hell out of me
I can't pick up the pieces and make myself whole
cause something is missing, deep in my soul


You wanna sleep walk through your life
while I'm wide awake holding on to tight