From the recording You or someone Like You


OUR LOVE IS HISTORY (Ashley Kaiser/Dennis Winslow)

I tried to tell my story
but you didn’t give a damn
you sat there like a statue
ignoring who I am
you wanted me to be someone else
someone I couldn’t be
it’s a wonder that we got this far
our love is history

Our love is history
did it ever really start
I’m not sure what we thought we had
but we pulled it all apart
our love is history

So you say, Take me back
you want to start again
you think that if we tried real hard
we’ll figure out a plan
but if I take you back
baby, don’t you see
the die is cast, the shoe don’t fit
I’m not your fantasy

I’m not your fantasy
what do you really need
I’m not sure if you know
but baby it ain’t me
it sure ain’t me

our love is history
our love is history
our love... is history