The Unitarian Universalist Elliot Chapel service

UU Elliot Chapel, Corner of SW 12th and SW Salmon streets, Portland, OR

 The UU church downtown has added an additional service on Sundays in their Elliot Chapel. Instead of choirs they invite local artists to perform the music. I will be performing two new original songs and would love to see you all there. FYI, the UU church is a liberal, non-dogmatic faith. This Sunday the sermon theme is:
"Getting Back On the Bike" 
Patrice Curtis, Intern Minister 
Like a child who has just learned to ride a bike, a full life lived brings us bumps and bruises. How can our hurts serve purpose beyond our own lives, and beyond our church walls? 

Music Highlights 
11:15 Chapel:
 Singer-songwriter Ashley Kaiser and guitarist Simon Milliman; Joe O'Donnell, organ. 
Eliot Chapel Worship Leader: Rev. Kate Lore 

Free Age limit: All ages