Raw Faith is a documentary film that follows a successful Portland minister who decides to leave her church and pursue a new path late in life. I knew Marilyn, the main subject/character, and made the suggestion we document her journey on film. She agreed and I executive produced the film, overseeing all creative. It began as a story of transition, and became a love story. The film won Best Feature Award at the 3rd Annual 2010 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, and was the winner of the Nashville Public Television 2010 Human Spirit Award at the Nashville Film Festival. It was also named one of the Most Spiritually Literate films of 2011 by Spirituality & Practice. At times Raw Faith has been featured on the O network and via streaming services. (Please note that my name was previously Ashley MacEachern.)

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Lance is no longer the hero people once thought he was, and I am greatly saddened that he turned out to be a cheater. This story was intended to be about overcoming adversity and never giving up. It received positive reviews (see link above) when it debuted, so if you ever come across a copy, try to read it with a fictional, honest, rider in mind - because that is who I thought he was when I wrote the book. Maybe someday it will be reprinted as "Vance in France." My book was published by HarperCollins Childrens in 2008, prior to Lance's first retirement and long before the scandal of his lies surfaced. (Please note that my name was previously Ashley MacEachern.)

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