How Do You Like Them Apples?

Fall is upon us. And apples abound. 

I may miss the long, sunny days of summer, but I do love the sparkle of morning frost on chilly-but-blue-sky days. Fall is when I pull out my sweaters, pull up my boots, and get ready for what’s next. 

This is the season when we can harvest the bounty of the past, and take stock of what we have, to prepare for the future. And right now, here in the Pacific Northwest, we have apples. And it has me thinking about what this season can represent in our lives - both personal and professional. 

Throughout time, apples (and Apples) have represented knowledge, discovery, innovation and power, not to mention health, hope and love. From Eve and her temptation, to Newton’s big A HA!, to Steve Jobs and the advent of the home computer, personal mobile devices and the resulting explosion of social media and world interconnected-ness (love it or hate it), apples come loaded with more than just nutrition. 

If we eat one, we keep the doctor away! If we give the teacher one, we hope to get an A! Anything you cherish is the apple of your eye, a phrase that’s been used for millennium across cultures and religions, in poetry and prose. And who doesn’t savor the nostalgia of apple pie and vanilla ice cream? 

All this crosses my mind every time I see an apple tree, fruit hanging like jewels and littering the golden grass below. Summer memories fade away and I’m overtaken by a feeling of POSSIBILITY, JOY, and ANTICIPATION. 

What bounty will you harvest this season, and the next?

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