The way I see it, I have a choice. I can either let all these thoughts and words careen around inside my head like wild animals, or I can play with them and try to harness their energy into something worthwhile. The second choice seems more fun.

Be A Unicorn

Recently I saw a sign that said, "Always be yourself. Unless you are a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn." I love this because I believe anyone can be a unicorn, especially when it comes to communications. Whether as an…

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How Do You Like Them Apples?

Fall is upon us. And apples abound. 

I may miss the long, sunny days of summer, but I do love the sparkle of morning frost on chilly-but-blue-sky days. Fall is when I pull out my sweaters, pull up my…

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Barre3 Blog 1/16/15

Read here, or visit Barre3 to read it and explore their world.

Part of what hooked me from the beginning with barre3 was the instructors’ frequent reminders to stand tall and move with grace and strength, so that we can…Read more