I grew up in a household of mixed messages: anything was possible, but everything would probably go wrong. Financial security was a constant worry, yet we lived extremely well.  Ours was a black and white world, seen through rose-colored glasses. Needless to say, it was often quite confusing. 

I have 50+ years of life and work experience, including raising three sons, getting married at 24, divorcing at 42, and getting married again at 49. I worked at a big company, left to raise my three sons, wrote a book, produced a movie, and then became a consultant. As a strong-willed romantic idealist and worrywart, I'm a work in progress (and sometimes I feel like an exploding cigar).

My 15 1/2 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Scooter, died in 2018 and I miss him.  My mom died in 2010 at 66, and I miss her even more. My dad is a conundrum. My sister and I hang on to each other for dear life. My husband is my best friend, my rock, my love and my joy. I am an empty nester, and watching my sons - who I love beyond words - spread their wings to take flight is exciting, but also petrifying. (Did I mention I like to be in control?) I've been dubbed as a "bonus mom" by my stepkids and their SOs, which means I am very lucky to also have "bonus kids." All my kids, by birth or by bonus, are in their 20's and 30's now and are incredible individuals who I feel lucky to have in my life. 

I have some stories to share about all of it. I hope they strike a chord with you (in a good way!). Most of my projects share a common theme of determination, searching for love, making choices, and trying to make this life we are given not only tolerable, but worth celebrating. I choose joy, even if it means taking a leap of faith and braving a little pain. I invite you to join me.

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