I am an explorer. My north star is Joy.

The treasure I seek lies at the intersection of courage and fear. It is the same place where pride and shame, logic and lust, and need and want all collide. As an artist, I am motivated by ideas and unbound by form. I follow my heart when it comes to picking projects. My poems, songs, stories, and performances (and one documentary film) share a common theme of searching for love, determining the best path forward, and trying to make this life we are given not only tolerable, but worth celebrating.

I grew up in a household of mixed messages: anything was possible, but everything would probably go wrong.  I am a strong-willed, romantic idealist who got married too young, raised three amazing but feisty boys, and after years evolving professionally, personally, and creatively, I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Through it all I lost myself, and then found myself again. And again. And so on. Each leap of faith leads to more leaps along the way. I am trying to grow wings.

I published my first book, Lance in France, with HarperCollins, before we all learned he was a cheater. I sang in musicals and the San Francisco Girls Choir in high school. I got my BA in creative writing at Dartmouth College, then worked at Nike for 12 years. As an adult, I sang in the Portland Unitarian choir, leaving that to join a band, and made an album (Someone Like You), that charted on indie radio, and then an EP (Choosing Joy) that I never sent out. I am very bad at submitting my poems, and I want to get better at that. I executive produced an award winning documentary film, Raw Faith. When not pursuing personal creative endeavors, I am a roving consultant for companies in need of nimble creative leadership.

I believe we all just want to love and be loved, at home and at work, but the trick is figuring out which voices to heed, when to leap, or not, who to trust, or not, and how to forgive not only those who hurt us, but ourselves as well. We all just need to find our north star. Easier said than done. But remember, that’s where the treasure lies!

Thanks for visiting and good luck seeking you star.

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